With real estate business experiencing a boom and with development projects increasing day by day with more and more projects in construction, you need to have the right education on the accounting methods and principles to be followed. With economic conditions not very bright, Industrial Real Estate developers and builders need to have proper guidance on financial accounting and construction accounting.

Accounting services

We are providing industry expertise accounting services that are result oriented and help real estate companies to thrive on the multiple benefits derived from these services. With an objective to provide integrated rewards in finance and delivering value based initiatives in strategic planning, these companies also offer services that:

  • Help in managing debt restructuring and corporate management for getting the best possible results
  • Help in planning effective structure deals to get maximum profit and to minimize tax implications.
  • Help in securing finance through acting as a media with venture capitalists and lending institutions.
  • Help in evaluation of transactions which are potential and for performing with the best results in case of acquisition or merger.

Our adequate expertise in delivering efficiencies helps you in the real estate industry to find the right customized solutions in sorting out the various complexities in this business. We help you to attain the potential to lead a company to ensure free flow of cash while lessening the tax burden so that the cash can be reinvested in the business. Our services are aimed at providing help to:

  • Carry out studies on cost segregation on ongoing and incoming construction projects
  • For evaluating inventories using the LIFO method
  • Ensure that all financial help which is legally due through state incentives and federal credits on employment are received.

Security solutions in real estate

We also provide commercial real estate security solutions which are comprehensive and aimed at providing any real estate company to find the best resources. Our services include:

  • Providing education on the best security tools that help in accessing valuable information for taking informed decision, checklists and worksheets.
  • Adopting the best practices in finding the right partner in security solutions to have top grade security environment.

Customized Services

Customized commercial real estate security solutions are provided by us on designing programs for specific needs in:

  • High rises
  • Expertise in delivering efficiencies
  • Corporate complexes
  • Customization of procedures and policies for each property
  • Gaining expertise in Facility Management portfolio
  • Organizing security fairs aimed for tenants

It is through our Industrial Real Estate security services that your real estate company is able to get access to webinars that provide valuable information on a range of topics related to industrial real estate security. Companies in real estate industry will find the best solutions in cost accounting through our services which will help them not only to survive but also have a leading edge over others in this era of cut throat competition. You are assured of stability in this volatile market environment with our services.