Next to customers we treat our partners as supreme soul of our success. We walk through a different road of partnership with strong statement of ‘let us together make the difference’. We never exploit our partners to make the profit to buff our back account. Instead we share and spread out technological knowledge and technical knowhow with our partners to help them grow with us. Our incredible expertise with web solutions and mobile technology helps us to innovate and invent new phenomenon in web development and mobile app development.

Our partnership models are developed to reduce the liabilities of the partners and to increase operations excellence and efficiency. Anyone with strong craze and immense thirst for making profit from web development and related scenarios can partner with us. We invite youngsters, companies and even freelancers to joins with us to double the business and profit. We really know the need for quick expansion for our partners and hence provide sound grounds for our partners play with confidence in the web development market. We have categorized our partnership pattern under three important models for the convenience of our partners. They include the following.

Strategic Partnership

This is one of the best partnership models that helps the professionals and business of other countries to establish or extend office in India. Important advantages of this partnership model include

  • Cost cutting up to 60%
  • No need to recruit staffs
  • No need to give staff training
  • Free from shifting technology
  • Safety and regulatory measures
  • Personnel Management

In simple words partners have to simply setup just an office to engage in client consultations. Make us your outsourcing partners. We invite the companies round the world make the presence in India through us.

We provide complete help to our partners to engage in strategic partnership with us. There is no doubt with the blooming and blasting of online services, business enquires can come from any part of the world. Hence, it is certainly a good idea to extend your business to important countries of the world in accordance with the volume of enquiries.

We invite you to be one of our most valued strategic partners to earn profit from day one!!!

Affiliate Partnership

If you are individual web developer with strong passion to develop, then this is the best partnership program for you. Attraction of this model is

  • Chance to represent the company in your mentions location
  • Get details of enquiries from your location
  • Interact with the client and turn enquiries to contracts
  • Get commission of successful projects

You can start this partnership program at any time to represent our company at your locations. Assure your customers and clients with quality services and earn handful of commission for every successful project.

Reseller Partnership

This is another important partnership model with which you can join us. Some of the important advantage of this model includes

  • Similar to your own software development company
  • Resell the product and services as you wish
  • Provide services under your price and brand
  • Be free from the tensions and risks of project development and completion

Here you can take orders for services and products from your existing clients and new clients. You can engage in contract with your clients under your brand name and as per your price. But you are made free form the risks of development and executions of the projects. The project will be executed and delivered by us under your brand name for you. We do not disclose your information and keep ourselves obscure from your customers and clients.

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