Here comes a unique solution in software development aimed at creating a perfect platform from where you can create a large number of business opportunities. We have the Digital Media Expertise that are aimed at delivering customized solutions to companies in the media industry across a wide range of activities such as Broadcasting Companies, Digital Agencies, Networks in Marketing Communication and other similar nature of business.

Our Services

Our services are upgraded with the use of cutting edge technology that helps our clients to integrate and upgrade their systems for supporting the most critical applications in the media industry. Our services include:

  • Digital Distribution like streaming of audio and video, content management, portals for media distribution and other extensive use of digital marketing which create an ideal advertising platform for showcasing their activities in the most effective way.
  • Infrastructure that includes systems in Job Bags and Resource Management.
  • Data Analytics in Social Media which include Data mining and monitoring, application of visualization tools for data analytics, integration of the social media and other applications that help in generating effective and upgraded media content.

Our Efforts

We constantly strive for the development of software that will help the media industry to assume new proportions and fulfil the ever increasing demands of the industry. We have a dedicated team of qualified engineers who are involved in continuous research and development and have the necessary expertise in a wide range of areas like logistics, algorithmic trading, portfolio management, processing of digital signals and other data applications which are aimed at making our clients leading media center. The areas on which our team have adequate expertise include:

  • Processing of Natural Language
  • Learning through machines
  • Voice to Text
  • Augmentation of Reality
  • Processing of digital signal and statistical data and among others

Solutions We Provide

  • Music Agency Web Platform
  • Mobile Applications for Agencies and News Channels / Radio Stations
  • Community Driven Web Platform
  • Digital Content Distributions

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