Software’s have made some path breaking differences in the technological world that is today. Presently people rely more on software’s than on human resource. Software power is more powerful than human power as the former is more accurate and consumes less time. Our company excels in building software’s that can make your workload less and accurate. We build software according to your needs. Latest addition to all our software’s are the financial solutions. Our company has entered this new sector where we offer solutions to problems faced by financial industry including the e financial company. Our company excels in building up financial websites and financial applications to serve the fast growing financial services industry. We can assure that hiring us will minimize your workload and result in better profits.

Who Should Approach Us?

We basically are a team who develop software that can cater to your problems managing company. We specialize in all kinds of software’s. Our clients who are presently big names in the industry are very happy with our services. We have been associated with their companies’ right from the time they started and we are happy to see them grow to touch the skies.

How Do We Work?

  • We i.e. our experienced team of well educated professionals will meet you
  • Then we come on a conclusion which decides how the software would serve you
  • Microsoft.NET
  • Java
  • Cloud computing are some brilliant technologies among others which help us in serving you better.
  • Then make a checklist which meets your criteria
  • We then build the software which can serve you the best using latest technologies
    What do we use to make our software’s?
  • MS Share Point
  • Oracle

Our company serves you with many other software services and we have solution to all your software problems. No matter you run a financial industry, a hospitality company or a marketing company, we have a solution to all your software needs. We here have teams that specialize in all the sectors and with extensive market research and experience can serve you the best.

We have been operating in the industry with our excelled team for a very long time and our success is very much visible in the industry in the form of goodwill. All our clients are satisfied with our software solutions and continue to deal with us after so many years.

We Specialize In

We know that the main aim of yours to hire is to minimize your problems and we assure you we will do it in the best way possible. Our teams are equipped with the best technology available in the industry and keep the technologies updates from time to time which will help us serve you better in the longer run. We make sure we update you, our customers with latest inventions so that you can decide to implement it or not.

With the availability of enviable clientele consists of financial institutions, enterprises, wealthy people and government agencies, there exists no place to make compromise on the security. Indeed, the question comes in your mind that what exactly you should do to make sure about uniform and reliable security, if your clients use different types of ERP solutions to interact with different types of corporate and banks applications.

For this, we are providing a unique solution capable of providing uniform security for large numbers of corporate banking sector clients and deploying itself without causing any variation in the overall functionality of banking applications. Thus, in this way, you can expect to deliver different types of corporate banking solutions, along with suppliers payment, salary uploads, vendors, tax returns, cheque disbursals and many more without worrying about identity thefts and frauds.

Features Of Our Corporate Banking Solutions

Our web solutions and web designer team always intend to provide commercial bank with software programs and solutions possessing some unique features.

  • Our security programs always object to give proper support for different authentication factors for different types of clients. Specifically, you can make sure about safe transactions by the availability of certificate-based authentication and One Time Passwords.
  • We have staffed with many qualified people capable of providing support to registrations for third-party certificate.
  • We provide verification and digital signing facilities to almost every type of corporate banking and finance transactions. In addition, companies can expect to avail highly secured web-based administration in combination with very strong and effective authentication.
  • Our web developers provide you with the built-in certification authority to issue and create different types of certificates. One of the major benefits in this case is that you have to bear relatively low cost as compared to buying of certificates from any other trustworthy third parties.
  • Our web designers and management teams secure communication between two different ends by the help of TLS or SSL V3, along with authentications of both clients and servers.

Benefits Of Commercial Banking Security Solutions

Majority of companies categorized under Commercial and Industrial Banking have availed wide range of benefits from our web development services.

  • Companies have successfully deployed security without bringing any type of changes in different types of banking applications and even disruption of regular business activities.
  • Our development team has given proper protection to wide range of banking applications irrespective of the actual type of application, platform and even vendor. In addition, it is only by our professionals, banks have received good support for their applications.
  • Banks have obtained centralized security to perform their different types of banking applications and reduce overall cost involved in maintaining or achieving security.
  • Customers are of huge significance for any banks or financial institutions in this competitive sector. Hence, by hiring our security solutions, many banks have obtained high level of customer satisfaction by providing them with the platform, where they can transact in a safe way, irrespective of the type of used application during the complete authentication process.

Solutions We Serve

  • Banking and Enterprise Applications
  • Mobile Banking Solutions
  • Accounting Software
  • CRM   ERP Systems
  • Online Banking Platform

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