Every developed organization and company desires to have strict rules and guidelines about the confidentiality and safety of their products and services. In the same way, every company takes adequate measures to provide a secure environment and protect detailed information of the client with IP address till the completion of the project.

Are you looking for the same confidentiality services for your project? If yes, then you are at the right place to have a secure environment throughout the process. Our team of technical experts makes sure of security and confidentiality of every detailed information and IP address of the clients with a Non-Disclosure Agreement with respective information. Every detail is mentioned in the agreement from primary step and applies the same for clients and employees.

IP Protection related to project

Our team of experts provides dedicated resources to all the projects which prevents authorized use of resources and protects every important information of yours in every way. We always strive our best to maintain a strong framework which forbids the exchange of IP between the projects. In addition to it, our team is dedicated in providing satisfactory service to every client who can have a safe and secure physical location and their won LAN segment.

Security of Data and Network

  • We install Firewalls on our servers, which makes sure that every access is limited to users within the development location.
  • Before giving access, the users are provided by authentication.
  • Standard Virus scans are performed to find the virus threats and eliminate them.
  • Standard security patches and software updates offered by the software sellers are installed by our experts for confidentiality services.
  • We maintain detailed files which enable effective tracking and monitoring of usage.
  • Audits are performed on advanced machines to make sure of security level.
  • Provides valid IP access to the interface of administrator which is restricted to certain IP address. Mainly, this service prevents unofficial users from accessing confidential applications.
  • Every sensitive data are piled up in encrypted format in the database for security.

Moreover, our confidential services are internally and externally secure for all the sensitive resources of our clients which lets every client to have physical and other security measures to allow suitable and highly professional working environment for the company.

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